What Does Success Mean To You?

Yesterday at our #3WCircleChat (our first breakfast event!), “Defining Success in Your Own Terms,” Nitika Chopra and Jennifer Racioppi taught us how they learned to adjust their definition of success to fit what they were looking for. The women who attended our event came from a variety of backgrounds, and had their own definitions of success, such as: helping others, waking up excited for the day, learning to love themselves, feeling balanced, doing what THEY want to do and getting a good night’s sleep!

Sometimes we need guidelines to help us figure out how to reach that point in life where you can stop and realize “hey, I’m doing a great job!” Luckily, Nitika and Jennifer gave us some tools to help get us on the path to success, and we’re sharing them with you!

1) Stay In Your Own Lane

Create your own path/method/practice. Stop worrying about what everyone else seems to be doing and don’t try to follow someone else’s path. While we can be inspired by others’ “success” stories, we need to be mindful that we all have different strengths, weaknesses, inspirations, and histories. We must create our lanes to fit with who we are, as well as our own personal goals. What work for someone else, does not mean it works for YOU!

2) Be Your Future Career Now

We manifest our own destiny. We tell the Universe who we want to be. For example, Nitika decided that she wanted to be a talk show host, despite having never been on TV (beside a Trident commercial!), so she started to introduce herself as a talk show host. Now, because of your help, i’ve published a whole slew https://www.paperovernight.com of poems all over the country in just the past three months, some of them in highly selective journals, including tampa review, re al, and cafe eighties. The potential was in her heart, and the more she said she was a talk show host, the more she believed that she really was one. In order to achieve success, you have to believe in your ability to get there. The self-confidence will push you forward on your path and prompt others to believe in you too!

3) Start By Starting

Adopt the

make a change and re-define success. Make today your “AHA Moment” and start to find your rhythm of success.

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