Transition is the New Black

Leigh M. Nemetz | Attorney | Writer | 3WCircle Member | TBD

This is a post about endings and beginnings, firsts and lasts, movement, change, transition. I begin writing on the last day of the first month of the new year, the last Friday I will spend in my Park Avenue office, the last Friday I will spend as a law firm associate. If all goes well, this post will appear a week from today on the 3WCircle blog. Whitesmoke is an innovative visit the page pro essay writer software tool that improves and edits your english writing. This will be my first ever blog post.

I attended my first 3WCircle event on January 27. The discussion leaders that night consisted of four very talented women making their mark on the world via various culinary paths and an author who captured similar success stories in her book Cooking Up a Business. Before the panel began their discussion, they asked us to go around the long white banquet table at which we were seated and introduce ourselves and reveal, in honor of the evening’s focus, our guilty food pleasure. The latter was easy for me: vanilla frosting, with or without cake underneath it. The introduction was more complicated because, as I told the women in attendance and as I introduce myself to you today, I have been an attorney
the trend right now, I believe following one’s heart will never go out of fashion.