Toot Another Woman’s Horn

Caroline Scheinfeld | 3WCircle Founder and CEO

While the definition of success is individual and

toot another woman’s horn!”

Another speaker, addressed the importance of happiness, balance and prioritizing your personal life. She said “invest in a new script” and “listen with your heart and mind. ” While many organizations participating in this conversation may be geared towards women, Slaughter said we need to incorporate men into the discussion! To make it easier for women, we need to ask men who are expecting a child “How are you planning to juggle work and children?” We have to make both parents responsible for care and competition.… According to Slaughter, in the past, women have been socialized out of competition and men out of care.

Society might contemplate working to erase stigmas AND STEREOTYPES of who the ideal worker, parent and person is. We need to realize what is (perception/stigmas) archaic and what is the future. Currently, productivity in the workplace can often be synonymous with whoever works the most hours/makes the most money. Have your perceptions prevented you from defining your own success?