Thoughts on Sheryl–

Thoughts on Sheryl–

A place on Amazon and the New York Times Bestseller list is just one more achievement Sheryl Sandberg can add to her resume. As resentment grew, what was once a personal rivalry between hamilton and jefferson best college paper writers gradually evolved into two political parties. One of Silicon Valley’s most powerful females not only operates Facebook but also wrote a tell-all to inspire women to lean in to their career and figure out ways to find partners who can share the “weight” of domestic life.

…Before opening one of Tech’s most powerful women’s guide to the work place, I will admit I was hesitant…I was on guard, expecting Sheryl to criticize a woman like myself—one who prioritizes/ relishes family and to discourage women like me to feel this way…

she certainly praised women who want to prioritize their career but there were also plenty of paragraphs applauding women who put family first…Sheryl does confess to feeling guilty when she misses dinner with her children or when her daughter begs she forgo business trips for family time…. She had valuable advice for many

truly resonate with Sheryl and understand her love for a major career, one which takes precedence over her family life. I admire her drive and ambition but do question how she is able to put most of her energy eggs in the Facebook basket and leave the straggles for her home life. Women and men are not only different but also women are different. In order to support one each others choices, to not judge the working mom for the stay at home mom, we must appreciate we all have different things that make us tick as well as different variables to our happiness/economic equation.

The greatest takeaways from “Lean In,” are “We all want the same thing: to feel comfortable with our choices and to feel validated by those around us. So let’s start by validating one another” (168)

and “there is always an opportunity cost, and I don’t know any woman who feels comfortable with all her decisions” (167). I hope 3wCircle can be a place women will identify their wants/desires and making decisions to get there without feeling guilty!!!