The Secret Skill All Truly Successful Women Share

Katherine Schafler | Psychotherapist | 3WCircle Member

Successful women (read balanced, fulfilled women) know exactly how to dodge regret and make decisions that are right for them, but how do they really know what’s right? What’s their secret? It’s a simple skill that’s easy to learn, impossible to forget and no longer under wraps: it’s being able to tell the difference between your feelings and your instincts.

Everyone knows the expression, “Blinded by love. ” Less glamorous but equally accurate versions of that expression include: blinded by boredom, blinded by sadness, blinded by ambition, etc. The point is, your feelings will blind you if you let them. Don’t let them.

It’s not that feelings are “bad,” it’s just that feelings come and go all day long—they change frequently based on external circumstances (for ex: the weather, how much sleep you had last night, the music that’s playing, whether someone attractive just hit on you, etc. ). Instincts, on the other hand, are exclusively impacted by your inner, true self. Partial buy cheap essay unit 1 outline- aphg human geography content jared diamond ap human geography ch. Instincts don’t care how much sleep you had or whether it’s raining, they’re going to give you consistently accurate information no matter what. Notice the messages that don’t change, those are your instincts.

Moving forward, think of your feelings as signals. Feelings signal you towards what might need to be explored. If

about something, that’s okay. I don’t know where the notion that instincts only respond with ‘yes / no, true/ false, stop / go’ type-answers originated, but it’s a harmfully false notion. Sometimes your instincts are practically screaming at you to give yourself more time, to be more patient with yourself, to allow the intuitive knowing to develop and reveal itself. It’s not always easy, but trust that when your instincts have landed on a clear course of action, they will broadcast that message to you and if you’re paying attention, it will be impossible not to hear it.