“The Power To”

What happens when 40 women attend a dinner about the “Power of Connection?”

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Gone are the days of women pushing each other to the top believing there is room for only one to be ‘successful. ’ Today, not only can we all be successful, but we can also leverage each others’ skill sets and networks to be the success we wish to become.

A group of intergenerational women from diverse backgrounds came together for an evening thanks to

intimidated by you. Power can be defined by each one of us because we all have the “power to” do something unique to us.

Gloria then asked us to define our “power to,” which we shared with the room. Filled with inspiration, our “power to’s” ranged from “the power to make a difference” to “the power to make a mistake,” “the power to overcome cancer,” “the power to be vulnerable,” and everything in between.

In addition to sharing our “power to’s” we also spoke about who we were, not just what we do. We each walked away realizing that it is necessary to support each other to be our best selves.

Now I ask you to make a vow: “Embrace your power to” and “see the wisdom of what you can do!”