“Every 3WCircle Chat I have attended has exceeded my expectations. The topics covered, the speakers, the attendees; they are all inspiring, encouraging, and most importantly, understanding women. I leave the Chat feeling like I have learned a little more about myself; a piece of me that used to be a mystery, but was put into words during the Chat (that AHA moment, if you will). – Nermin, Founder of Lumelle

“3WCircle provides a platform for open and honest conversation about what women want! Women are constantly pressured to conform to a standard perception of “success” and “perfection.” 3WCircle challenges this standard and empowers women to lean into themselves to create their own success – lives filled with passion and purpose – and embrace the notion that perfection is poison and flaws are beautiful.” – Michela Aramini, Founder of online slots big win basketball apk android

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