“Success is a feeling”

“Be Yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be. “

On Tuesday, we held our third and sold out #3WCircleChat at ClosetDash Headquarters. Almost thirty women sat around in a circle to listen,

are. ” To feel comfortable in your own skin, to accept your calling and to embrace the path you choose can not only liberate you from societal pressures but also can make you feel successful.

In our quest for success, however that is defined, we experience challenges, setbacks and lessons, which provide us with greater strength. How about discussing the times we fail? Lets share those moments where you say “I failed, now what?” Remember, sharing, is a valuable asset. Here are some transitive verbs with their objects essay writer http://essaydragon.com the woman put a rose in her hair.

Our next #3WCircleChat will be a discussion of FAILURE. To learn more, AN INVITE.