No diapers and bottles for Chelsea Handler—Don’t judge her, applaud her for honesty!

The modern corporate woman often fails to evaluate how her personal life is effected by prioritizing her profession. Does it hang while closing buy essay down, leaving you to pull the plug to shut it down for the night. Funny lady —E! ‘s popular talk show host Chelsea Handler, known as Chelsea Lately, publicly revealed her desire to focus on her


Ladies, please stop falsely telling women they can spend endless time on careers and their personal life —and feel successful in both aspects! Women should be proud about whatever accomplishments they have—professionally and personally—and not have these ridiculous expectations to do both 100% simultaneously. Life is a journey, we are lucky if we get 70 years on Earth—-pick your priorities and know life is a sequence…. what you accomplish during your twenties will be vastly different than what you do in your thirties.

The ability to choose what path to embark on is such a privilege we often take for granted. We fail to applaud those who confidently make a decision that best suits their ideals, wants and goals and seem to attack others who don’t fall into the category we believe they should adhere too. Too many people think after marriage, the rational next step is create a family when it really isn’t in their realm of interest. We do not live in a traditional world anymore and there is no need to procreate without the desire to do so!