Meet Amy: the designer behind Jewelery line FLACA

What inspired you to start your jewelry line ?

Amy: I have been involved in the jewelry industry on and off since high school. Before graduating, I landed a manufacturing apprenticeship in Ithaca, which I kept for several years that eventually turned into a job. There, I learned practically everything I now know about fabricating, producing and designing jewelry. The experience was tremendous, but I realized living in Ithaca wasn’t sustainable if I wanted to seriously pursue a career in the jewelry world. Where we collect such persistent identifiers from children, we only use such persistent identifiers college helpers for the internal operations of our site and for no other purpose. To date, I have been involved in many other aspects of the jewelry business: retail and sales, merchandising, advertising, inventory keeping, model making, and then some. I managed production for a large fine jewelry company in NYC before starting my own brand. Most of my work took place in the diamond district, where I designed and oversaw manufacturers; keeping a close eye on our quality control and deliveries. The relationships I established during that time eventually led me to the manufacturers I use today.

I left my job to start my own company because I was UNHAPPY. People always responded positively to my designs whether it was the wire wrapping necklaces I did from my parents kitchen table or the more intricate silver and gold pieces I create now. I always got great feedback from my products and ultimately began to believe in myself- that my designs would sell and be able to support myself. With the belief I could create products people would love, I started FLACA.

How did you come up with the name FLACA?

My jeweler gave me the nickname Flaca, which in Spanish, is a term of endearment — my sweetheart, my skinny one, my lovely. I’m happy I used a Spanish term of endearment to name my company,because people who know what it means smile and are curious to know what type of jewelry I sell. If they don’t know the meaning, they always ask which sparks a conversation about the brand. Always talk about your business when you’re a start up, it’s never good to be the best-kept secret. Flaca is a name that people remember πŸ™‚

How would you describe FLACA‘S style?

Flaca is timeless. The designs are always on trend but never too trendy. I like to say we add a modern, contemporary twist to vintage looks and make them wearable, affordable, delicate yet they stand out.

What are the biggest challenges you face running your own company?

Starting your own company requires a vision and money. When you’re in the early stages of building a business and trying to build a name for yourself, capital is a huge issue, especially in a commodities business like jewelry because it costs money to produce samples. It takes time to deliver, changes are expenses and losses are expensive. I would suggest, to anyone who wants to create his or her own business to

a warm coat. It’s Chicago. It’s freezing πŸ™‚