Company Name: 3WCircle

Company Website: 3WCircle. A single cell custom papers online help in favorable conditions will produce a large colony of offspring very quickly. com

Location: New York, NY

Position title: Marketing Director

Position classification: Paid

Commitment: 40 hours per week


About 3WCircle:

3WCircle provides a platform for women to redefine success, happiness and connection. Our members are entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, thinkers and innovators. Despite our unique backgrounds, our desire to be introspective and honest is what ties our circle together. Through our events, expert-led discussions and online articles, members can grow, evolve and be inspired by exposure to different perspectives. Authentic connections, real conversations and moments of self-actualization are part of the 3W experience. All women who are introspective can engage in the conversation whether they are forming a new business or starting a family. Moms, CEO’s, innovators, and entrepreneurs come together to talk as women not as professionals. Basic Function:

Responsible for planning, development and implementation of 3WCircle’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities. Oversees development and implementation of support materials and services. This position is paid with the potential of receiving equity in the company. Responsibilities:

  • Devise marketing and social media plan
  • Maintain social media presence via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus etc.
  • Create and design monthly newsletters and 3WCircle marketing materials
  • Write blog posts and press releases
  • Identify target markets and develop target marketing strategies


  • Interest in helping other women
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Academic background may include, but not limited to business, marketing, communications
  • Ability to use Photoshop
  • Capable of working autonomously
  • To apply, send resume and cover letter to Icy Liu: icy@3wcircle. com