Happy New Year!


My New Years resolution or should I say challenge is to “bend like the willow. ” I am a lover of structure, routine and all things planned but a hater of the spontaneous, unplanned and unexpected. My fiancé has been and is one of my greatest teachers when it comes to being “flexible. ” His behavior has revealed that some of the most wonderful events occur because of a surprise change of course. I have these beliefs, almost akin to an internal set of rules which state “Caroline functions best in familiar environments where she knows exactly what to expect. ” I am for sure setting myself up to fail, because we plan and the universe laughs. Prizes for each winner will include both http://justbuyessay.com/ buy papers online a cash prize for the student and a gift certificate for the parent or teacher.

Everyone says successful people have routines but that shouldn’t be confused with adaptability. Sure routines can