Fill yourself up with all things Whole.

“Invest in your bodies because they will last longer than an expensive handbag!” –

Caroline Scheinfeld | Founder of 3WCircle

To be whole, happy and personally successful, we must connect the mind, body and heart! Last week, in

a for the women to create a connection between the body and the mind. We practiced asanas, shouted affirmations… and closed our eyes to practice gratitude. They will be filled online essay writer in during the dvd viewing to become a mini-thesaurus.

In Debora Spar’s new fabulous book —-she says unfortunately, women believe they have 3 careers “working inside the home, working outside the home, and trying to be thin. ” By the end of the event, women discovered 3 new careers— SELF-LOVE, SELF-LOVE & SELF-LOVE.