Exhaustion is No Longer a Status Symbol

Caroline Scheinfeld | 3WCircle Founder and CEO

In order to be personally successful and happy, I advise you to take care of yourself! Just like the Stewardess’s say on Airplanes, before assisting others—please put your oxygen mask on first!

If we fail to treat our bodies with love, compassion, and respect we cannot give our best selves to anyone else or

Some people see slowing down, relaxation or pampering as a waste of precious time… let me tell you something—carve out time for YOU! Your body is the vehicle to your purpose, what happens to a car when it runs out of fuel… it doesn’t function.

If creating relaxation on your own terms is difficult, there are professionals who can assist. A friend of mine built her dream career because of her desire to spread balance into other people’s lives!!! Diana Seo created where the goal is to “Nourish Your Mind & Body With Balance & Beauty. ”

Diana combines science, skincare, Ayurveda, and beauty to give her clients treatments to restore their souls. Borrowed time an uncertain amount of time, at the end of which something will no longer exist https://www.writemypaper4me.org or occur 26.

When creating your schedule, just remember —
“Exhaustion is no longer a status symbol. ”