Get Stronger, Leaner and More Graceful with Noemi and Flavia!

Do the Pilates workout New York Magazine called the Best of 2012!

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The Class features:

  • Challenging and subtle exercises to work your body and your mind.
  •  Healthy expression of daily gestures: simple movements such as how to use a computer or carry a bag without chronic damage to your body.

  • Developing awareness of your body, alignment, appearance and senses.

  • The joy of life: when you’re happy in your body, you’re happier in your life.


  •  Improve your mental and physical strength
  • Develop excellent posture
  • Learn techniques to release tension in your body before it becomes a habit
  • Improve your flexibility and mobility to prevent injury and enhance your other athletic endeavors

 What do Instructors Noemi and Flavia do?:

casino blackjack online game download and money storm casino offer classes and workshops for professionals geared towards creating a healthy, centered body, a strong and flexible musculature and an an elegant appearance.

 Who are Noemi and Flavia?

Noemi Di Gregorio owns clue slot machine big win basketball, a Studio located in SoHo. Revivo Method is a new fitness phenomenon that transcends conventional classes to deliver a workout for your body and your mind. Noemi weaves together the wisdom of Pilates, Franklin, and Feldenkrais methods with athleticism garnered from years as a competitive figure skater and professional dancer. She then rounds it all out with visualizations and cues that create mental strength to match your newfound phsyical prowess.

Flavia Bruni is the owner of jackson casino buffet, a Pilates and Movement Studio in the heart of Manhattan. She also created Be Beautiful Pilates and the 10 Tools for Grace Secrets, which are 10 movements that work with the structure of the body to help you move efficiently and elegantly. They also create a healthy musculoskeletal system and a wide spread sense of well-being.

 Awareness of your body helps you to remember that you experience your entire life through your body.

 An open and adaptable body provides you with an open and adaptable approach to life.

 An upright posture gives you strength and eases tension as you move throughout your day.

 Being present in your body empowers you to interact authentically with the world.

 As Leonardo Da Vinci noted, a strong body-mind connection greatly enhances all your actions and what you’re capable of achieving in your career and life.

 “The soul desires to stay within the body. Without the instruments of the body it can’t operate nor feel.“ – Leonardo Da Vinci

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