Elevate Gen Y Co-Founder Alexis Sclamberg

Taking on Your 20’s — What You Need to Know Now

Alexis Sclamberg | Speaker | Self-Help Writer | Lawyer | Entrepreneur


It seems that most of my friends are having meltdowns. In these final years of our restless 20’s, we’re wrestling with some big ticket items — getting married, finding better jobs, moving, settling down, having kids. And it seems that some of us are swept up in storms of uncertainty and confusion without an umbrella or sensible coat.

(Hang on — I have a nice, new pair of galoshes to help you weather the storm. More about that later).

It’s hard to believe we’re even here, at this point, talking about the disruptions of an infant to our budding careers (not to mention our sleep), seriously considering a move to the suburbs, or redefining the nature of our relationships.

But here we are, disbelief or not, compelled to make decisions amidst overwhelming chaos.

Some of us are melting into puddles, stuck in a miserable status quo. Some of us are straddling the line between what we should do and what we want to do. Some of us have turned up the volume on fear and doubt so loud that we can’t hear the voice of our hidden courage and deepest desires.

Most of us twentysomethings just aren’t sure exactly what we want to do with ourselves.

We ask question after question — searching for clear and definite answers. hausarbeit schreiben lassen for https://www.hausarbeithilfe.com/. Should I move closer to my family? Can I really quit this job and try something new? Is

over time, by finding patterns and calmly reflecting. They may not be obvious, but our answers are always there inside us. It’s like Proust said: we don’t receive wisdom, we discover it.

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