Set, Volley, Spike—TRUTH!

By: Caroline Scheinfeld

A traditional women does not have to be Betty Draper doll-like standing in front of the oven perfectly coiffed and manicured to be considered a homemaker. Exhibit: Six foot three Amazonian athlete, Gabrielle Reece. But in the post-9/11 world, the rhetoric around muslims in america was changing, dangerously. Her new refreshing, honest and vulnerable “Guide to the less than perfect life,” titled My Foot is Too Big for the Glass Slipper details her ups and downs with husband, pro-surfer Laird Hamilton. Full of colloquialisms and swear words, it is clear her writing skills are not quite as matured as her volleys and sets.

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Thoughts on Sheryl–

Thoughts on Sheryl–

A place on Amazon and the New York Times Bestseller list is just one more achievement Sheryl Sandberg can add to her resume. As resentment grew, what was once a personal rivalry between hamilton and jefferson best college paper writers gradually evolved into two political parties. One of Silicon Valley’s most powerful females not only operates Facebook but also wrote a tell-all to inspire women to lean in to their career and figure out ways to find partners who can share the “weight” of domestic life.

…Before opening one of Tech’s most powerful women’s guide to the work place, I will admit I was hesitant…I was on guard, expecting Sheryl to criticize a woman like myself—one who prioritizes/ relishes family and to discourage women like me to feel this way…

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