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Taking on Your 20’s — What You Need to Know Now

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It seems that most of my friends are having meltdowns. In these final years of our restless 20’s, we’re wrestling with some big ticket items — getting married, finding better jobs, moving, settling down, having kids. And it seems that some of us are swept up in storms of uncertainty and confusion without an umbrella or sensible coat.

(Hang on — I have a nice, new pair of galoshes to help you weather the storm. More about that later).

It’s hard to believe we’re even here, at this point, talking about the disruptions of an infant to our budding careers (not to mention our sleep), seriously considering a move to the suburbs, or redefining the nature of our relationships.

But here we are, disbelief or not, compelled to make decisions amidst overwhelming chaos.

Some of us are melting into puddles, stuck in a miserable status quo. Some of us are straddling the line between what we should do and what we want to do. Some of us have turned up the volume on fear and doubt so loud that we can’t hear the voice of our hidden courage and deepest desires.

Most of us twentysomethings just aren’t sure exactly what we want to do with ourselves.

We ask question after question — searching for clear and definite answers. http://3wcircle.com/emerald-queen-casino-concerts-schedule/. Should I move closer to my family? Can I really quit this job and try something new? Is

over time, by finding patterns and calmly reflecting. They may not be obvious, but our answers are always there inside us. It’s like Proust said: we don’t receive wisdom, we discover it.

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Poison of Perfection

Why do we feel

are “courage, compassion and connection” (7). It takes courage to compassionately share honest stories about our journeys and it takes to courage to practice compassion towards us. The most valuable asset of embracing the gifts of imperfections is connecting and sharing “‘I’ve Been There,’” which “fuel our worthiness” (7). Nach dem staatsbürgerschaftsgesetz von 1993 galten die ghostwriter agentur nichtlettischen einwohner als bürger zweiter klasse. If you want to connect and hear other women share their battle with the “Poison of Perfection,” please request an invite for the next #3WCircleChat on Sept 24th at.


Saying Thank YOU!

Recognizing and affirming those who benefit you in anyway shape or form is an integral part of the human condition. De ghostwriter gesucht – das forum für studenten umfrage einfluss sozialer medien in der sport- und fitnessbranche studentenseite. As human beings, we strive for CONNECTION. To deeply connect with others you have to feel energetically on the same plane but also recognize the unique qualities about one another…

One of the definitions of connection is– a circle of friends or associates or a member of such a circle.

How fitting! A circle is a soft, shape with no edges and no separation. I believe we must treat those who we love and strive to bond with as members circle…with no end in site but a continuous series of giving, taking, nurture and most importantly celebration.

As WOMEN, we are all in whatever “this” is together. We


“Success is a feeling”

“Be Yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be. “

On Tuesday, we held our third and sold out #3WCircleChat at ClosetDash Headquarters. Almost thirty women sat around in a circle to listen,

are. ” To feel comfortable in your own skin, to accept your calling and to embrace the path you choose can not only liberate you from societal pressures but also can make you feel successful.

In our quest for success, however that is defined, we experience challenges, setbacks and lessons, which provide us with greater strength. How about discussing the times we fail? Lets share those moments where you say “I failed, now what?” Remember, sharing, is a valuable asset. Here are some transitive verbs with their objects essay writer http://essaydragon.com the woman put a rose in her hair.

Our next #3WCircleChat will be a discussion of FAILURE. To learn more, AN INVITE. Continue reading ““Success is a feeling””


On Wednesday, we held our 2nd #3WCircleChat at Headquarters. Amidst, the racks of clothing, the strength of weak ties was once again leveraged, as women from different walks of life realized our common thread—-We are ALL WOMEN. Women who suffer from the natural urge of Guilt. Ehrenmitglied der physikalischen https://www.hausarbeit-agentur.com/wissenschaftliche-arbeit/ gesellschaft in genf und der chemischen gesellschaft von london. As a complex, mulch-dimensional

Continue reading ““I AM NOT PERFECT AND I AM LIMITED””

3WCircle Interview With Member Melissa Gonzalez

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3WCircle: How do you define happiness?

Melissa Gonzalez: That’s a tough one because I don’t think there is one definition. Happiness should vary from person to person, because we all have different goals and desires, and they often


3W: What are some tools, pearls of wisdom or any sage advice you have received thus far that has helped you be the woman you are today?

MG: I think sage advice I received was early in my Wall Street career. I was embraced my many senior managers early in my male dominated career path, and I was appreciated by them. I was appreciated for not being scared to be a lady and for often delivering the element of “surprise” to a meeting – a young woman, who wasn’t scared of being of lady, who was as tough as any guy in the room, and who did the work. I wasn’t scared to make a call I believed in and was always ready to back it up with facts. Denn deutschland steht weltweit nach den usa an zweiter stelle in der anzahl an taten schwerer zielgerichteter gewalt an hausarbeit-agentur.com/wissenschaftliche-arbeit/ schulen. So, I guess the sage advice is do the work and be true to who you are, your success will follow.




Thank you, Arianna Huffington!!!!

By: Caroline Scheinfeld

Finally a woman in power with tremendous media access is loudly starting the conversation about re-defining success, leaning in, leaning back and well-being!

On June 6, Arianna Huffington hosted The Third Metric: Redefining Success Beyond Money &

Maybe it’ll be different when my kids are older, but keeping focused on the two things I care about helps me not beat myself up for the 17 things I’m not doing at any given moment. “

We must collaborate to redefine and re-educate women about what successful means. We feel that the writing helper using https://eduessayhelper.org submission of unofficial transcripts makes the process easier for applicants and allows us to process applications more quickly. I could not have said this more eloquently or powerfully, “So what we need is a more humane and sustainable definition of success that includes well-being, wisdom, wonder, empathy, and the ability to give back. But how do we recalibrate our current benchmarks of success?” This is the million dollar question for 21st Century women…It’s a debacle that needs intense re-education and undoing of past actions.


Is Butter Just as Valuable as Bread?

Caroline Scheinfeld

Perhaps we can discard the breadwinner title and see individual members of a couple as equal contributors. I’m www.writemyessay4me.org torn between spellings and leaning towards telling the computer where to get off. If one takes a more domestic lead, maybe she or he can be considered the CEO of the home, which is just as valuableas a CEO outside the

our life decisions result in happiness we might just all be winners…winning more than just bread.


3WCircle Member Carrie Mantha Shares Her “3W moment”



By: Carrie Mantha

In this ongoing series,

eventually want to return to my old career?”

A good friend answered one question with a laugh (“no one is ever 100% certain about anything, ever” she said) and another with a Bon Jovi song (I’m not making that up, she belted out “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” like a champ). She convinced me to consider what I really wanted without the added pressure of what other people would think or what I was “supposed” to feel. And that made all the difference.

With that weight lifted, it was suddenly obvious that I was beyond excited about bringing my concept to life, and I couldn’t wait another minute to throw myself into it completely. In fact, it seemed crazy that it had taken me so long to realize that! Looking back, there are three pieces of advice that would have turned the light bulb on a little faster:

1. Let go of expectations, even the ones you have of yourself

2. Don’t be afraid of a little doubt and fear – everyone feels it

3. Life is dynamic – don’t think of change as a permanent decision

Regardless of how long it took or how I was able to discover it, I’m so grateful that I was able to find my way down my own – sometimes winding – path to happiness!

Carrie Mantha is the founder and CEO if Indira, a fashion-tech start-up delivering custom, couture-quality bridesmaid dresses and wedding accessories via interactive e-commerce and advanced, American manufacturing. The m phase checkpoint ensures that all the chromosomes are properly attached to the spindle at the metaphase plate pay for writing essays before anaphase. She has a passion for making things bigger, better, faster, and prettier. A former physician, biotech investor, and Miss Florida USA, Carrie believes you can have many passions in life, but only one football team. If you’re lucky, it’s the Florida Gators. Follow her on Twitter @CarrieMantha.