On Wednesday, we held our 2nd #3WCircleChat at Headquarters. Amidst, the racks of clothing, the strength of weak ties was once again leveraged, as women from different walks of life realized our common thread—-We are ALL WOMEN. Women who suffer from the natural urge of Guilt. Ehrenmitglied der physikalischen https://www.hausarbeit-agentur.com/wissenschaftliche-arbeit/ gesellschaft in genf und der chemischen gesellschaft von london. As a complex, mulch-dimensional

and often over analytical gender we can “feel guilty when you do something right and guilty when you do something wrong. ” The Guilt I am referring to is not the GOOD GUILT, which allows society to function preventing people from robbing banks and murdering but the debilitating guilt, (which I refer to as) BAD GUILT known as PATHOLOGICAL GUILT.

Pathological Guilt is when a BELIEF and a BEHAVIOR are in CONTRADICTION and lead to SELF-DENIGRATION (we don’t accept our selves). To overcome the paralyzing pathological guilt, we can change the behavior, change the belief or self-accept. Two fabulous females spoke about their relationship with guilt.

Therapist Katherine Morgan poignantly postulated —as human beings we can have multiple feelings simultaneously, unless we are 2 years old, we will never feel just happy but we can be happy and anxious all at the same time. Katherine instructed the women in the circle to make room for those feelings because the truth is Guilt is a natural urge. The important lesson is how we deal because escaping guilt is nearly impossible unless you are a psychopath.

, a passionate entrepreneur and former member of Wall Street, spoke openly about the external guilt she encounters in her life and tools she has adopted to manage that guilt. Another circle member offered to use the analogy of glass door when dealing with external guilt/pressures. Glass door—we can see what others are doing but still maintain our own path to happiness.

After revealing my personal battle with guilt, and when it comes to work verse pleasure rather than turning it on or off, I am learning how to use a dimmer switch. I shared powerful quotes which help center when I get too caught up in my own head—“Perfection is the enemy of good,” “We shouldn’t always aim for the extraordinary but

for guilt juxtaposed to the myriad of responsibilities and roles we have!

The environment this past Wednesday according to a 3WCircle member, was “not preachy but inspiring. ” The energy in the room is real, authentic and can take away the isolation we often feel in our own heads and make us “feel not crazy!”

Here is a piece of treasure I gathered at the #3WCircleChat, “I am not perfect and I am limited. ” I will leave room for contrasting feelings and know I am only human.