3WCircle Team Reflections

Caroline Scheinfeld

Who says 13 is unlucky? For me, 2013 has been one of the most impactful, purposeful and beautiful years I have experienced in my 26 years. After searching for a way to communicate and translate my passions, interests and skills, I finally found it in April of this year—starting 3WCircle. The connections, inspiration and motivation I have witnessed surpassed my wildest dreams. I feel like the puzzles of my life thus far are coming together, the focus on my life lens is clearing up. With the help of my outstanding team, I was able to vocalize my truth—my understanding that we are all human and experience similar valleys and peaks because in the end we are all just women trying to figure out what success means for us.


Melissa Young

In May 2013, something new surfaced in my sea of emails. One of the most enticing aspects of the chromecast, besides the fact that it integrates with mobile devices and brought on-demand streaming services like netflix phone tracker to non-smart tv sets, is the price. 3WCircle. The first 3WCircle Chat impacted me tremendously resulting in me shifting the way I perceived my life. Inspired, I applied and joined the 3WCircle team where Caroline immediately introduced me to a book that changed my perspective -. Everyone in their twenties, especially recent college grads, should read this. I was unsure of my path so I was trying many different roads due to my diverse interests and skill sets. After joining 3WCircle, I accepted and felt comfortable with my slashes – Melissa is a writer/real estate aficionado/entrepreneur. I have loved growing 3WCircle and inspiring women to figure out and be happy with their definition of personal success.

to you.