3WCircle Member Carrie Mantha Shares Her “3W moment”



By: Carrie Mantha

In this ongoing series,

eventually want to return to my old career?”

A good friend answered one question with a laugh (“no one is ever 100% certain about anything, ever” she said) and another with a Bon Jovi song (I’m not making that up, she belted out “Who Says You Can’t Go Home” like a champ). She convinced me to consider what I really wanted without the added pressure of what other people would think or what I was “supposed” to feel. And that made all the difference.

With that weight lifted, it was suddenly obvious that I was beyond excited about bringing my concept to life, and I couldn’t wait another minute to throw myself into it completely. In fact, it seemed crazy that it had taken me so long to realize that! Looking back, there are three pieces of advice that would have turned the light bulb on a little faster:

1. Let go of expectations, even the ones you have of yourself

2. Don’t be afraid of a little doubt and fear – everyone feels it

3. Life is dynamic – don’t think of change as a permanent decision

Regardless of how long it took or how I was able to discover it, I’m so grateful that I was able to find my way down my own – sometimes winding – path to happiness!

Carrie Mantha is the founder and CEO if Indira, a fashion-tech start-up delivering custom, couture-quality bridesmaid dresses and wedding accessories via interactive e-commerce and advanced, American manufacturing. The m phase checkpoint ensures that all the chromosomes are properly attached to the spindle at the metaphase plate pay for writing essays before anaphase. She has a passion for making things bigger, better, faster, and prettier. A former physician, biotech investor, and Miss Florida USA, Carrie believes you can have many passions in life, but only one football team. If you’re lucky, it’s the Florida Gators. Follow her on Twitter @CarrieMantha.