3WCircle Interview With Member Melissa Gonzalez

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3WCircle: How do you define happiness?

Melissa Gonzalez: That’s a tough one because I don’t think there is one definition. Happiness should vary from person to person, because we all have different goals and desires, and they often


3W: What are some tools, pearls of wisdom or any sage advice you have received thus far that has helped you be the woman you are today?

MG: I think sage advice I received was early in my Wall Street career. I was embraced my many senior managers early in my male dominated career path, and I was appreciated by them. I was appreciated for not being scared to be a lady and for often delivering the element of “surprise” to a meeting – a young woman, who wasn’t scared of being of lady, who was as tough as any guy in the room, and who did the work. I wasn’t scared to make a call I believed in and was always ready to back it up with facts. Denn deutschland steht weltweit nach den usa an zweiter stelle in der anzahl an taten schwerer zielgerichteter gewalt an hausarbeit-agentur.com/wissenschaftliche-arbeit/ schulen. So, I guess the sage advice is do the work and be true to who you are, your success will follow.